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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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away. our cloud levels are down so far, you can see them by our cameras right here. we'll talk about what view you see for your commute and where you might have a little more trouble. >> always a nice vista by the golden gate bridge this morning. waiting for the sun's arrival. you made it to friday. as mike said just got to make it through. it's february 20th. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam prok, on your friday. burned and a little bit scarred. oakland raider fans are not feeling the love after the team announced a joint proposal with the san diego chargers to look at building a new stadium in southern california. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live jute side coliseum. will they bolt the bay for l.a.? >> reporter: one sports analyst tells us the new proposal for a stadium south of los angeles is
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the best leverage the oakland raiders have ever had in trying to convince local government here in the east bay to get them out of the and into a new venue that would keep them here in oakland. the threat of a move down south could persuade the city of oakland to build a new stadium. mayor libby schaff says she doesn't want to commit public money to finance a new stadium. the raiders are committed to finding a solution that keeps him here. yesterday they aplounsed a plan b, they along with the san diego chargers would build and share a new $1.7 billion stadium to be located in the city of carson. that's about 15 miles south of downtown l.a. what makes this move so enticing? the city of carson says it would be entirely privately financed through a luxury tax and sale of luxury suites, which has raider fans worried. >> if you're a real raider fan and you're from oakland, then
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you want the raiders to stay in oakland. that's a disappointment. we're not the niners. >> you have to do what you have to do. if you have to leave, you leave. don't keep leaving and then coming back. >> reporter: reference to when the raiders went down to los angeles from '82 to '94 if my memory serves correct. the nfl says it would have the final say whether or not the raiders are allowed to leave oakland. coming up reaction from 25fññoa city council members on this latest news. reporting live outside, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> your mem i have spot-on. they have not had a football team in l.a. since 1995. you are dead right where w that. thank you for the report. a live look from coliseum. find out more about the latest possible and a half later in the morning. news conference ais planned in los angeles at 10:0. tune into our 11:00 a.m. newscast for the details. a former police officer
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facing attempted murder shots. police arrested john goodner outside his home in antioch last month. and said someone fired shots into her bedroom. police say goodner had been stalking and threatening his wife. the shooting happened two days after his wife filed a restraining order against him. san jose police need your help catching a robbery suspect. look at the surveillance pictures. officers say back in december the man in that hat stole items from the kohl's department store on mckee road. security officers tried to stop them but he hit them with some metal object when they intervened. officers say he had tattoos on both sides of his neck. new details on the santa clara student accuseded of stabbing his roommate in their dorm room. dylan kim was in court yesterday but did not enter a plea. kim's roommate woke up to find kim standing over him with a knife. police say kim stabbed his roommate in the throat, hand, shoulder and back. kim then cut himself.
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the roommate should be okay. today police may identify the men accused of killing a security guard in san jose. police arrested two suspects last night. manny zuniga and a fellow security guard were responding to a robbery at 4 less liquor saturday. someone started shooting. zuniga stepped into the line of fire to shield the other security guard and he died. if you haven't changed the way you dial phone numbers in san francisco you'll need to, soon. starting tomorrow you'll have to dial the full number including the area code. the next step to prepare for the new 628 area code. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live in san francisco with what the change means to you and your neighbors, too. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you, laura. you know, after nearly 70 years the area code 415 coming to an end because of the popularity of cell phones so deal with the availability issue the state opted for an area code overlay that's instead of splitting up an area code. that can avoid headaches.
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starting 12:01 tomorrow morning or just after midnight you must dial 1, the area code and the seven-digit number or you're going to get a recording that says your call cannot be completed and you have to hang up and dial again. it does not apply to 911 or any other-11 numbers, 411, 511. your current phone number and area code won't change, nor will the price of a call, coverage area and other rates. local calls are still local regardless of area code. the new overlay impacts san francisco county, most of marin county, including mill valley, novato and san rafael as well as a small portion of san mateo county that, includes daly city and brisbane. that means you'll have to start dialing the full digits starting after midnight but for the new number, the people who could get the 628 that starts march 21st. you have a month to get a 415 number. 415 was one of three area codes in all of the state. we'll have a little bit of
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trivia coming up in our next report in about half an hour. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> about a month to get hold of the beloved 415. >> that was my question. stephanie answered it, yes, the race is on right now. 5:06. i'll tell you what, there is no race to get to the weekend because we're pretty much there right now. meteorologist christina loren joining us with a deep sigh and happy to be here as we are as well. how is it looking for the weekend? >> i'm not sighing about anything. i'm breathing in the friday, which is now upon us. you know what? thanks for waking up with us. we know that sometimes these work weeks can be long but you know what? we really appreciate having you every single morning. 54 degrees in san carlos, 54 in oakland. feel free to add me on facebook or twitter and let us know what we can do better. we're always trying to get better around nbc bay area. your pollen levels are not going to get better as we head throughout the next couple of days. they'll be creeping up today, spiking as a matter of fact. keep that in mind you probably
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want to limit outdoor activity, close your windows in your home if you suffer from the allergies of the season. late sunday into monday area of low pressure comes through bringing moisture in. for us that translates to lower pollen levels. temperatures today mostly in the 70s. 71 degrees in the tri valley, 54 in san francisco and 73 degrees in the north bay. maybe you haven't made those weekend plans just yet. two different sides to the weekend. we'll tell you all about it in the next report. good morning, mike inouye. >> this is through dub lun westbound 580 and the glow for the lights, low clouds in and around throughout the bay area, similar areas this is 580, look at your map, 580 yesterday highlighted all over, indicating probably fog. today, we're not seeing it on our sensors but that means the numbers didn't come out to trigger that. you see the live camera conditions may be an issue coming out of the altamont pass. no speeds as far as slowing down
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for the dublin interchange. farther north looking at concord, a little fog, antioch fringe and over in the north bay, novato, san rafael, 101, lower visibility at times. smoother drive, debris reported around the 580/101 interchange, just a trash bag. quick look at the san mateo bridge shows you this low cloud cover around the area as well. you can see that in the lights on the bridge. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> a little show and tell. 5:08, saving time, possibly saving lives. how one city is using gaggle maps. and the freeze in the northeast is leading to some amazing sites.
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number, you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code, plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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000 is 5:11 right now on your friday. live look outside downtown san jose lit up in the darkness this morning. good weekend on its way. good weather in south america is good news for coffee lovers. coffee growers in colombia are expecting a bumper crop harvest this year, courtesy of better weather, new plantations and increased productivity. colombia is the world's largest coffee producer. officials say that coffee business is booming thanks to the high price of beans on the international market and more coffee consumption worldwide. >> cheers, we love our coffee hetiq least i do. 5:11 right now. google glass has gotten
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criticism for privacy concerns.ñ one place it's proving useful is in an ambulance. medical express ambulance service in chicago is doing trial runs with google glass for emergency$0 responders. paramedics wear the glass and can transmit video straight to a doctor. >> it saves time. it can help diagnose things faster, and in our business, minutes can be brain cells, can be heart cells. time is everything. >> pretty amazing. the system is set up to transmit only video but the ambulance company says it's planning to enable monitored transmissions, so paramedics can actually see the patient's heart rate monitor right before their eyes. if you're confused, google has since canceled the glass but maybe, scott mcgrew, they can make the ambulance. >> they can make the ambulance. apple is looking on vehicles calling it the appulance. there's no way apple will build a car. to some news reporters putting a date on it.
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bloomberg says 2020, which sounds far away with ybut that' five years. if apple makes a car at all you know it's going to be different, not just the car but the whole idea of a car, and there are plenty of problems with changing even minor aspects of the car business. take for instance tesla's idea of selling the product it makes, in many states it's illegal for car manufacturers to manufacture cars. it has to be done through dealers. le novo is apologizing for loading software onto some of its laptops that may be insecure. it's called superphish, bloatware, the junk that pc makers preload on computers. it's a shopping program made in palo alto but security experts say it's poorly made and could expose your computer's passwords. let's turn to a woman whose computer password is nasdaq5000. landon dowdy live at cnbc world
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headquarters, good morning, landon. >> how did you know that? the markets could be in for another choppy session today. stocks ended mixed on thursday with the dow in the red but the nasdaq posting gains for a seventh straight day, the longest winning streak in a year. investors reacting to news that germany is protecting a plan to extend loans for greece and lower oil prices on reports of a smaller than expected increase in u.s. crude supplies next week. look for earnings from deere, the tractor and farm equipment maker. the dow falling 44 points to 17,989, the nasdaq rising 18. sam and laura, i hosted the east bay innovation awards last night at the fox theater in oakland, gorgeous. people were using a word for oakland i hadn't thought of before and that's startup. they've got a new ceo, libby schaff an effective mayor. they're scrappy luke a startup and taking on the old established city. there's something to be said for positioning yourself as the
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underdog and taking on the old establishment when in this case it's san francisco. >> a city with some spunk although cost of living in oakland is -- >> rising. >> getting up there as well. >> get in there while you can. >> those are the words. thank you very much, scott. >> interesting to see how many people from san francisco moving over to the east bay. the another east, they are certainly dealing with another deep freeze this morning. it's leading to some very pretty images, however. we can say from our vantage point in california. this say fountain in western new york. it freezes every year but rarely gets as high as this. the frozen tower is 50 feet tall. the fountain is fed from a trout pond higher up the hill. it's the pressure that keeps that water flowing. one police department in kentucky has found a way to have a little fun with the freezing cold. police in small town of harlan warned people to look out for a blond woman in a light blue dress singing "let it go."
5:16 am
if you can't tell the department people warning about, queen elsa from disney's "frozen." the department wants people to be aware of cold temperatures, they're dangerous. they're trying any way they can to have fun. >> i'm trying any way i can to escape "frozen." where do i need to go to get away from "frozen"? it's impossible. >> you still haven't seen it. it's something you're proud of. >> i'm keeping the streak going, strong, strong. >> i feel bad for them over there but they are going to get warmer weather as we get into the weekend. for us, same deal and then some rain as of next week, looking really good toward the end of the week as well, into the first week of march but hey, as of today, we are officially one month away from the start of spring. temperatures are in the 50s. i want to take you through your day part forecast for the bay area, maybe you can get outdoors, by lunch time knock off a little bit early. look at our temperatures at noon. 63 degrees in zpran, at lunch time today, more sunshine for you out there as well.
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great day to have lunch out on the water. we'll round out the day with widespread 70s. 71 degrees in the tri valley. 73 in the north bay and 68 degrees in the city by the bay. so morning clouds will make way to afternoon sunshine. warm into saturday, and then things start to change on sunday. clouds increase, humidity surges and maybe, just maybe a few isolated showers over our local mountains and hilltops. better chance as we head throughout monday. area of low pressure comes through, going to provide us with a very light amount of rainfall. however, we're talking about tahoe snow that we desperately need and this is the first in a series of storm systems that will likely hit the bay area as we get into next week. so our first opportunity arrives sunday evening into monday. i want to show you your seven-day forecast. always scrolling at the bottom of your screen as we head throughout the next couple days, notice temperatures are going to be much cooler on sunday than what we expect saturday. by monday, overcast sky, a brief return to wintertime
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temperatures toward the end of the week. i'll talk about that more as we head throughout the morning hours. tahoe snow you see here by sunday, getting some snow even down about 6,500 feet looking good for that with temperatures falling from the 50s to the 30s over the span of 24 hours. more on that coming up. i know a lot of people have a high interest in the rain. you might just be trying to get to work this morning. if that's what you're interested in, here is our own mike inouye. >> you might be interested in the snow but still you have to go to work. toward the south bay traffic flows, no matter what you're thinking about. make sure you focus on the roadway. we'll show you on the map yesterday we saw some orange highlighting south of 85 and 17, out through the santa cruz mountains, likely mist and drizzle. today not quite the same conditions but similar areas where we're watching the north bay routes throughout the south bay, silicon valley moved smoothly. we'll show you basically anywhere south of the dumb barton bridge no problems for
5:19 am
either side of the bay. san mateo bridge starting to pick up volume a tad bit, typical for a friday. drive in toward san francisco in the east bay and tri valley, a typical friday build but there may be low clouds throughout livermore even though it's not registering on our road weather index. the bay bridge and carquinez bridge slow headed toward hercules but overnight construction might be clearing over the next few. north bay indicating low clouds here as well. we'll try to show you the san rafael camera. advi visibility is okay for the drivers. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. when it comes to our private medical information we assume it's going to be kept secret. but what happe.t's not? into security breaches specifically when it comes to workers compensation.+úiut inju job are facing more problems.
5:20 am
their personal information is out there, companies are sending private medical data to the wrong people but where exactly it went and who has it remains a mystery. >> they couldn't tell me how many copies of my information were made, they couldn't tell me where my information went and who else's envelopes were stuffed that day. >> tonight at 11:00, investigative reporter jenna susco explains why some victims of security breaches have trouble holding anyone accountable. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or e-mail us at sfo is celebrating the chinese new year by launching a contest for two round trip tickets to china. the contest starts today in the airport's facebook page. tickets are good for travel on china's southern airlines from san francisco international to central china. to enter the contest answer five multiple choice questions about china's sorb airlines and its service. the contest lasts until march 6th. the winner will be chosen in a
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drawing march 10th. in the meantime 5:20 and the warriors getting ready to celebrate the year of the sheep, talking about the basketball team, right? celebrating the sheep. we'll explain why, next.
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good friday morning to you. whether you're headed to the city by the bay or anywhere across the bay area this week,
5:24 am
you made it to friday. live look in san francisco, transamerica pyramid, 5:23 right now. maybe you're headed to the sharks game, they're back in town after a quick two-game road trip and they're ready to take the ice here live at levi stadium. take a look at that. the players will get their chance to test out the outdoor rink this afternoon, then they're expected to actually take their families out for a spin. the kings will practice later tonight. it's all in preparation for tomorrow night's outdoor games. sold out. >> bragging rights no doubt on the line on that one. 5:24 right now. the warriors in action tonight playing host to the san antonio spurs. >> golden state will debut the new chinese new year's uniforms. fear the sheep, that's because this year is the year of the sheep. the warriors will wear the uniforms a total of four times this season. >> there's the spirit. also debuting tonight steph
5:25 am
curry'sment trophy. he won that trophy beating out klay thompson. >> the man can shoot. to men's college basketball now, st. mary's gail's wichd the 24-point win plateau. you want to take it from here? >> no, you, please. >> this is their eighth consecutive 21-win plateau season. they beat portland 68-51, are you taking credit? >> no. i just cheer them on. st. mary's will host rival go gonzaga tomorrow night, battling it out for the wcc title and a ticket to the big dance. >> we get behind you, go gales. >> good to go to the dance. 5:25. let's look at what the weekend has in store. christina you are excited about the prospect of rain sunday night, monday morning. >> a very slight chance then, a better chance toward the end of the week and you know me, i like to look a good 15 days out. i'm really watching the first week of march. temperatures mostly in the 50s.
5:26 am
your day part forecast shows you in the north bay at lunch time, you are at 66 degrees. so very nice day to have lunch outdoors. all across the board you can see what happens as offshore flow starts to kick in, our temperatures become more uniform so just about as warm today in san francisco as what we're expecting out in the tri valley and right here in san jose. upper 60s to low 70s. you may not know this about mike inouye, he is a b-ball coach. how is that going for you? >> well, i corral the kids and they come when i call them for snacks. so that's good. we're very advanced. looking at the san mateo bridge eastbound 92 headed toward the high-rise foster city, reports of some debris across the section. watch it across the high-rise, we have our camera on the other side of the bay, no problems eastbound. westbound is your commute direction. you see the low cloud and the haze is a factor. we're showing you a smooth drive for san mateo and dumb barton
5:27 am
bridges. back to you. >> thanks a lot, coach. time is 5:26. make up or pack your bags, the ult ultimatum, labor secretary giving two sides involved in the port dispute. firefighters forced to use the jaws of life during an overnight warehouse fire. we'll have details next. everything online. in our t
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sk police on the lookout for a person accused of stabbing a co-worker. details next. giants manager bruce bochy waking up in the morning this morning. what we learn about his health. >> we hope the skipper is okay. temperatures for us are pretty cool for the first part of the day, then the 70s and a lot of sunshine out in scottsdale today, temps in the 80s. we'll have the forecast in moments. >> live look from our dublin camera shows you the glowing lights, low fog and clouds are an issue. i'll show you what happened on the maps for the dublin
5:30 am
interchange. >> live look from the south bay this morning, you made it to friday morning, february 20th and this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock on your friday. all new this morning the jaws of life springing into action in an unusual way. in this case the jaws stopped a fire from spreading. that fire broke out around 2:00 this morning at an auto repair shop on international boulevard in east oakland. firefighters initially could not get in because the building was so secure. so crews pride open the doors with the jaws of life. damage was limited to one area of the shop, including several cars. if you're a raiders fan, you feeling a little jilted. that's because the team is announcing a new plan to move out of the bay. "today in the bay's" bob redell live at sol key yum. are the raiders threats to leave starting to look serious? >> reporter: well they certainly have some leverage. good morning to you, laura.
5:31 am
officially the oakland raiders are still trying to get obviously out of and find a new venue to keep them here in the east bay so they don't have to move back down to the southern california area like they did in the early 1980s. if they can't work out a deal with local government in the east bay, which they have been trying to do for years, then they possibly have this option. yesterday the raiders and the san diego chargers announced they would build and share a $1.7 billion stadium to be built in the city of carson. that's about 15 miles south of downtown los angeles. one reason the move is so enticing? the teams wouldn't have to rely on public funding. the city of carson says it would be privately financed through the sale of luxury tax and the income from sale of luxury suites and the income from luxury tax. >> raiders owner mark davis remains committed to staying in oakland long-term, this latest stadium proposal with the san diego chargers is the most
5:32 am
serious leverage pull yet and i do believe if nothing happens in oakland over the course of the next season, the rauders could bolt for los angeles. >> it would be a great blow to the city of oakland and certainly would set us back. but i certainly don't blame the raiders for exploring their options, given the difficulties. >> reporter: the nfl has alerted both teams it ultimately has the final say over whether or not they are allowed to move. an owners committee is reviewing the option including not only this proposed stadium in carson but two other possibilities in and around the los angeles area. coming up, we will tell you what oakland mayor libby schaff has to say and what this means for fans. reporting outside, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the chargers fans not too eager for the proposal either. that story in about 15 minutes.
5:33 am
doctors admitted giants manager bruce bocy yesterday after complaining of chest pain. the doctors inserted two stents into his heart. last night we talked with insider alex pavlovic when bochy will be back. >> reporter: with this procedure a week tops returning to work. it sounds like it will be a few days. i've heard it could be pretty quickly here. the guy obviously likes to work and be at the ball park. it will be hard to keep him away. >> the giants staff says bochy is resting comfortably and he will be released later today. >> petaluma police say a 22-year-old woman came to the station on wednesday. she told officers someone kidnapped her at gunpoint in roseland three weeks ago.
5:34 am
she claimed her attackers beat her and sexually assaulted her at a home on stony point road. she escaped and made it all the way to the petaluma police station. a man who stabbed a co-worker during an argument at work now on the loose this morning. two men work at a body shop in cupertino. investigators say the two were arguing about something work related when the suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed the man. the victim should be okay. deputies say they know who the suspect is, but they don't know where he is. the country's top labor leader says the west coast slowdown must end today. secretary of labor thomas perez gave the deadline to the dockers union and the side hiring them. billions of dollars of cargo is just sitting on ships anchored outside of 29 ports. >> see if his calls for resolution there actually resonate. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joins us live from san francisco this morning,
5:35 am
something people have to get used to, stephanie, a little extra finger exercise on this phone. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you both, sam and laura. 415 has been around since 1947 so for the folks who lived here in san francisco, most of marin county and some of san mateo county, we were talking about a pretty big change in terms of dialing habits. there is an entire group dedicated to area codes called the north american plan administration filed for a new area code may 2013 because it estimated that 415 would be complete lay signed by the third quarter of 2015. so starting tomorrow morning at 12:01, after midnight you have to dial 1-415, and the seven-digit number or get a recording that says your call cannot be completed and you have to hang up and dial again. current number and area code won't change, nor the price of a call coverage area and this overlay impacts san francisco county, most of marin county, mill valley, novato and san
5:36 am
rafael. people will get these new numbers starting march 21st, that's the area code 628. 415 is nearing 70 years. in 1959 the state treated 707 for the north, 408 for the south bay. in 1991, east bay got 510 and '97 the we nips laswitched to 650 and a year later 925 and 831 were created. even those numbers seem to be running out because of the popularity of cell phones so coming up in our next report in about half an hour we'll have more on that when more area codes may be created here in the bay area. live for now in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> those are a lot of numbers there, steph. >> it's fair to say this is a bonanza of area codes coming out of the woodwork. thank you very much. 5:36 right now. we're going to stick with the 408. there's some pride to be had there, right, christina. everyone talks about the 415. what's wrong with the 408? >> nothing wrong with it at all.
5:37 am
we're south bay proud down here. at&t park, want to start with your home of the giants. we do have some fog out there this morning, and it's going to be kind of a cool day here. meanwhile in scottsdale they'll enjoy much warmer weather. we'll get to the forecast in a second. for us temperatures starting out in the 50s. 54 degrees in the 408, 54 degrees in san carlos. getting into this afternoon temperatures superb for your outdoor plans. morning fog making way to afternoon sunshine and temperatures in the mid-60s as of lunch time for today. you're at 64 degrees in oaktown, in oaktown at noon today rounding out the day in the upper 60s to low 70s. you'll hit 71 degrees on the peninsula, 71 in the south bay, beautiful day on the east shore. highs at 3:00 p.m. maybe you want to hit the beach, maybe you have the day off or get to leave early. 67 degrees at 3:00 p.m. in
5:38 am
pacifica, and looking good into the 70s today in santa cruz. 71 degrees and then by tomorrow we'll boost those numbers up by two to three degrees. it will get nicer out there for your beach plans. tonight we like to tell you about everything that's happening. san jose bike party at 8:00. temperatures will be pretty chilly out there, but it's nice to get together as a group. i know they put some boom boxes out there on some of those bikes and it can be fun. you're always safer when you have big numbers. pitchers and catchers meanwhile for today in scottsdale look at the temperature, 80 degrees for today and then the temperatures drop off. lot of people like to head out to scottsdale, you get an intimate look at our world champion san francisco giants. he's a fan. let's check the drive here's mike inouye. >> i'm a big fan and also a fan of a smooth drive but low clouds descending upon the roadways. overpass 580 at tassahra. not so bad in terms of the flow of traffic. the orange we saw yesterday is
5:39 am
over at the dublin interchange, right when traffic is consolidating. tire debris west of livermore avenue but that has cleared from the chp report the last couple of seconds. 580 just starting to build. the south bay no problems but fog through parts of the north bay so we're tracking that, up here in novato north of the golden gate bridge and we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the cash lanes are starting their backup, pretty typical pattern for friday. we'll see if the metering lights have turned on any time soon. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:39 right now. before you cook up your breakfast you'll want to hear this new dietary suggestions from the federal government. >> you may like some of them. plus santa clara county considers the controversial plan to track people by their cell phones. we'll tell what you they want to do, coming up. right now we're just tracking the arrival of the annual what will now be the annual hockey game in levi stadium. kings/sharks, a lot on the line here, a lot of bragging rights on the line and folks very interested in this, it's going
5:40 am
on this weekend. we'll be back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather right after this break. female announcer: through sunday, save up to $300
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go ahead, pour that extra cup of coffee this morning. the health panel is changing the way it thinks about cholesterol. terroristie potts is live in washington, d.c., with how this could affect your overall breakfast, eggs, coffee, new suggestions on all thoesz fronts. good morning, tracie. >> good morning, sam. we're not talking bacon and sausage. if you like that you need to stick to what you've been doing but if you want another egg or two the government says that may not be so bad. turns out high cholesterol foods do not necessarily translate to high cholesterol in your bloodstream. they're not the same thing. so these new dietary recommendations go beyond the one and a half eggs a day that they recommended so far saying that you don't need to be quite as cautious about high
5:43 am
cholesterol foods. coffee, three to five cups a day probably won't hurt you that bad according to the same recommendations and by the way they're not final yet but what the research is showing here not only is coffee okay but in some cases it may reduce the risk of type ii diabetes. salt 2300 milligrams, we've seen that before, sugar about 200 milligrams a day, which is or i'm sorry, 200ical rays a day, big difference, 200 calories ace day which is about the equivalent of one 16-ounce drink. >> we are still waiting, tracie, for the bacon rule as well which will hopefully bring that into the fold. thank you very much, live from washington. >> not on the list. >> get in on the caesar's bacon pizza out there. a new twist in president obama's fight against terror. suddenly he's the target of extreme criticism. white house just concluded a three-day summit on violent extremism but it's former new york city mayor rudy giuliani
5:44 am
who is making headline this is morning. at a private dinnerer he said he does not believe president obama loves america. then he tried to back off just slightly on a tv talk show. >> he's a patriot i'm sure. what i'm saying that in his rhetoric i do hear him criticize america much more often than another american presidents. >> i find it wrong in every possible way that it could be wrong. >> american muslim leaders are praising white house efforts to focus not on faith but preventing the radical recruitment of young americans. one of the people infected by the superbug in southern california is an 18-year-old student and we've learned today he actually might die. the man's lawyer says he went to ucla medical center last night, doctors used an endoscope to examine his pancreas. he was treated and released but soon became gravely ul and has been in and out of the hospital since. ucla says at least seven people have been infected by the superbug and two have died. 5:44.
5:45 am
bitter cold gripping the northeast this morning. meteorologists have a nickname for the winter blast, the siberian express. arctic air from siberia travels over the north pole, pushing all the way into florida. the national weather service says today's high temps will be in the single digits in parts of new england, new york and pennsylvania. classes canceled or delayed at dozens of schools as well. the extreme weather in the northeast is not just treacherous for people. take a look at what it's doing to some of these pups. two firefighters had to save two dogs from a partially frozen lake in massachusetts. the one dog lola was not thrilled to be out there, she was so freaked out she was biting the hand that was trying to help her. she snapped at the firefighters. they were able to rescue her and her bigger pal thunder also saved. both dogs were cold and shaken up but okay. >> they must have been so frightened. they're having a tough go of it out there. >> they are but a sweet story. you see the local heroes doing what they can and it breaks me
5:46 am
heart whenever i see a pet or animal ing: distress. so what a beautiful story. glad you added that one this morning. 5:45. let's talk about what you're going to experience as you make your way out that front door. 50 degrees in the north bay to start the day.)- 55 in san francisco, i want to take you through your day part forecast because today will be warmer, we'll be at 60 degrees as of noon, in a city by the bay with a few lingering clouds. the difference between yesterday and today is that cloud cover will be burning off earlier and the vitamin d you'll get it for today, especially between the hours of noon and 3:00 with temperatures ramping up into the low 70s across the board, with the exclusion of san francisco, but hey, just a couple degrees cooler out there in the city, at 68 degrees, spectacular conditions will prevail for your saturday as well. little bit of morning cloud cover making way to afternoon sunshine. your weather headlines really tell the story. warm into saturday, temperatures actually going to creep up just a touch and then those numbers crash and we bring in more cloud cover as we head throughout your
5:47 am
sunday with an area of low pressure on the way to the bay area. that is going to be more prominent over the sierra nevada, producing some snow showers that we desperately need, not expecting a lot but maybe two to six inches depending on the elevation. i think we'll see the six inches above 7,500 feet and more like two inches at 6,500 feet. the good news is, looks like that system is going to come through during the coldest point of the day on monday morning and for that, you're going to see temperatures near freezing, that's where you get that snowfall. we need it at the lower levels. it's been pretty grim up there. nonetheless we'll show you your tahoe report. temperatures 60s by sunday, cooler monday. i don't think you need to bring your umbrella monday but we'll see more humidity and a chance for showers over the higher elevations. you might need to pull out that umbrella toward the end of the week, forecasting rainfall by the 27th of the month and time change happens, before you know it, it will be march 8th and we have to spring forward and mike, that means we'll lose an hour of
5:48 am
sleep and this shift already early enough, wouldn't you say? >> we're counting the minutes on this shift so 60 of them, that's a huge loss. over here looking toward, well you're going to gain some company, the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. this is friday, i know, but we have the backup and the metering lights. the low clouds in the background of our shot here as well. let's look at your map. aside from the bay bridge toll plaza itself, no problems down the east shore freeway or out of the maze, not just yet. it's a slower, lighter build for a friday. visibility okay but low clouds are hovering around the deck around the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge and the richmond/san rafael bridge just drifting across our shots. here in the north bay more fog registering through orange, narrows toward san rafael. live shot curves at terra linda. still the glow of the lights. advise ibltd for drivers is all right but at times may be foggy in the north bay. we'll track that. back to the maps we're showing you a smooth drive in towards san francisco. the rest of your bay, the peninsula and south bay, nothing unusual about the pattern, north
5:49 am
101 through san jose showing a little build north of 680, typical for a friday. back to you. >> thank you, mike. a reminder for anyone using highway 24 late tonight, one bore will be closed on the caldecott tunnel. caltransis closing the westbound fourth bore 10:00 p.m. for an emergency drill, involving rescue teams from around the bay area. closure will remain in effect until 4:00 a.m. saturday. drivers will be diverted into the third bore. the raiders proposing building a stadium in l.a. county. the stadium will be a joint effort with the san diego chargers, who are also trying to get some upgraded digs. bob redell told us about ten minutes ago some raiders fans not too thrilled and understandably neither are chargers fans. >> i'll be incredibly disappointed. >> they deserve better and we deserve to give them better. >> the worst place to lose the chargers to would be los angeles. gosh, anywhere but los angeles. >> the almeida county joint
5:50 am
coliseum authority is expected to meet this morning. the issue is not on the original agenda but you can bet it will be talked about as it already is. we'll have detailing from the meeting as well as the news conference in southern california happening, all going to come up on our 11:00 a.m. newscast. >> looking forward to that. people in the santa clara county can chime in for a proposal to allow deputies to crack down on criminals. the sheriff's office wants to set up a triageration system to find criminals and other missing people as well. investigators have to get a certain warrant to use the system. the sheriff's office says it would not be used to monitor the general public trying to allay some concerns there. public meeting is set for $1 today at the sheriff's office in san jose. san francisco's archbishop sent a letter to state lawmakers asking them to respect his right to hire people who uphold catholic teachings. the letter responds to lawmakers urging him to remove the so-called more ralt clause from
5:51 am
the school teacher's handbook. in the letter arch bich shop says catholic school employees are expected to conduct their lives in a way that does not undermine church doctrine. they are ordinary men but their bravery extraordinary. the chp will honor three men who jumped in to help when others lives were in danger. in january of 201, perry hookey and lance o'prie saw the truck on pfeiffer and tried to rescue the driver. they got the driver out but he ultimately died from his injuries in the hospital. a woman jumped from the highest deck of the stadium in november 2013. navidad broke her fall. three men from receive the carnegie medal for extraordinary civilian heroism. walmart raising pay for its workers to $9 an hour, above the federal minimum wage. the move will not add anything to their paycheck to california workers. california wages are already
5:52 am
higher than the federal minimums but scott mcgrew, it helps the nation overall. >> it really does. good morning. people are split on the idea of how much minimum wage should be but any time you raise wages you do see more buying power in the hands of consumers. walmart thursday said it would increase its minimum pay eventually to $9 an hour. as you point out california already requires $9 an hour. some cities it's $10 here in the bay area. when the president was in town last week he twice mentioned rising wages for american families. if you look closely at the data, it's not so much pay raises on the top end or new jobs as much as it is states raising their minimum wage. now walmart's not alone in deciding to pay above minimums. entry level barista at starbucks in the bay area makes a lot more than minimum wage. the bay area-based jamba juice chain has been paying more than minimums for years at many of its locations. its ceo says it helps the stores
5:53 am
hire the best young people and entry level workers available. but and i know i'm at a risk of sounding like a broken record, watch out for automation. jamba is experimenting with a self-serve machine called jamba go. automation is the biggest threat to low paid american workers since robots replaced good paying jobs in factories. over the next five, six years i think we'll see huge job losses in kind of the entry level food industry. >> right. you know what's interesting as well for the consumer, they lose that customer service and not that they really gain a discount from it as well by doing it themselves. >> they have to do it themselves. when is the last time you thought it was remarkable you got your own soda at mcdonald's? >> you haven't always done that. >> yes, that's a job. >> i really appreciate the checkers out there and the box boys and girls. >> laura is always about the interpersonal connection. you have to appreciate that. >> when i go to the supermarket i talk a lot. >> you want to chat people, a
5:54 am
little local talk for you. 5:53. christina your microclimate forecast on the eve of a weekend. >> good morning to you, happy friday to you. it will be nice out there for today, nicer than yesterday, more sunshine, starting out in the 50s and ending up in the 60s. 66 degrees for the north bay today. 62 on the peninsula. up to 71 degrees at 3:00 p.m., blowing past our average highs by a good ten degrees across the board. now the good news is there's rain in the forecast, if you're just joining us, we'll talk about that as we head throughout the 6:00 a.m. hour. check your drive, here's mike inouye. >> we'll watch for the forecast where rain is in our future. the clouds in the past, but then probably in the future as well they continue to drift around the tri valley camera. out to the maps, no real delays through livermore, dublin, nothing unexpected. the orange we saw indicating lower roadway visibility cleared. the clouds drifting around, no surprises for this friday. we have a northbound 680 at
5:55 am
mission boulevard, a disabled vehicle right now at the mission boulevard off-ramp that will affect your drive there, slow because crews arriving for chp. the connector moving nicely for the frontal in fremont between 680 and 880, nice flow just starting to build. the south bay also building from northbound 101 at 680. no other surprises, nothing big for silicon valley. the peninsula side anywhere both sides north of the san mateo bridge moves close to the speed limit. the bay bridge toll plaza where we take a live look the metering lights are on, slow off of the 880 overcrossing. back to you. >> getting busy out there, thanks. check this out, an ice rink at levi's stadium. live look where the san jose sharks will get a chance to test out that ice today. they'll get a feel before tomorrow night's game against the l.a. kings. it's the bay area's first ever professional outdoor hockey game. the shocks giving levi stadium a home ice field.
5:56 am
the sharks the start of its game on its way to levi's -- odd to see that along the highway but the shark's head got to levi's in one piece, good thing. can you imagine driving on the freeway seeing that? >> the head is intimidating. the teeth are what got me there. 5:56. so who you got in your oscar pool? movie box everywhere eagerly awaiting sunday's academy awards. >> the best picture race, eight nominees. "boyhood" is a favorite to win. thoughs in the in saying "birdman" might creep in and "american sniper" late buzz and "selma" grabbing attention, mostly because it was snubbed in so many other categories. namm knows "grand budapest hotel, the imitation game, whiplash and the theory of everything." >> the film "white earth" mom nominated for short documentary. jen sen made his movie as part of his masters theory at
5:57 am
stanford and we're pulling for him. a deep freeze in the northeast leading to some pretty pictures but interesting rare sights there, niagara falls frozen over. and police arrest two people in connection with the death of a south bay security guard. why officers are looking for more suspects. a live look outside this morning the golden gate bridge, kind of covered up in darkness there, but that will change very soon. we will be right back with a look at your weekend forecast and more local news.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, flames engulf a bay area business overnight. the unusual things firefighters had to do to put it out. a serious health scare for giants manager bruce bochy. we'll have the latest on his condition. are the raiders moving south? a major announcement coming later today. >> good morning to you, i'm meteorologist christina loren. you made it to friday. cloudy start, nice sunny finish,
6:00 am
temps in the 70s. change on the way for the weekend. more in just moments. the clouds could be a factor for some of our drivers and a crash in fremont. we'll bring that to you. a live look outside right now, san francisco in the early morning hours. it is friday, february the 20th and you're watching "today in the bay." and a good friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning, firefighters used the jaws of life to pry open the doors of a burning auto repair shop overnight. flames broke out about 2:00 this morning at a shop on international boulevard near 78th avenue. at least two vehicles burned, but firefighters say there was little damage to the rest of the building. and they were able to keep the flames from spreading to a church next door. luckily, no one was hurt. a live look right now at the home of the raiders, for now, after months, evenea


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